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Extended lockdown in Maharashtra creates big trouble…

Rats and water leakages destroys machinery in textile units

It is a well known fact that any machinery if kept  unused for a long time gets defective and for smooth running it is important that the machinery is made to work for at least  few hours everyday. However, the extended lockdown in Maharashtra has put the entire textile and garment sector in jeopardy. For the last three months garment and textile units in areas like Bhiwandi, Tarapur, Ichalkaranji, Malegaon, Solapur have not been able to operate smoothly owing to increased cases of lockdown.
Many digital printing machine manufacturers have reported increase in complaints of wire breakage, dried ink and machine breakdown post lockdown.
Manufacturers are facing a tough time as they are walking  on a double edge sword. While on one hand the downtown of machines which are remaining idle has increased on the other rats have create a huge menace for manufacturers. Since the units are closed rats are destroying machinery worth crores of rupees. Along with this  less number of orders and reduced business has added on to woes.
We hope that the industry soon gets of out of these tough times.

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