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This Latest Report Tells How 3D Design Tech Disrupts Global Fashion Supply Chain

Coresight Research, which provides future-focused analysis, has released its latest report titled, ‘Deep Dive: 3D Design Technology Disrupts the Fashion Supply Chain’.

According to the report, the global fashion industry supply chains are evolving rapidly with 3D design and sampling technology in place, as the consumers’ preferences change more often than before. Thus, it has become the need of the hour for the producers to manufacturer such products that meet with the demand of today.

Undoubtedly, digitalisation is reforming the world garment market and making it quick as well. Notably, apparel manufacturers have to move through the entire supply chain before they can meet consumers’ demands, as per the report.

Therefore, companies are going digital with their supply chains to accelerate their production processes by adopting 3D technology for design and sampling purposes which can reduce a 14-week process down to one week or even lesser.

The Coresight report adds that 3D virtual design technology here enables quality enhancements that modernise logistics and widen the scope for creativity.

Notably, 3D representations require less time than traditional rendering techniques, bringing down then number of days consumed by the design and sampling processes, resulting in a speedy, lucrative and sustainable practice.

So how does 3D virtual design works?  By simplifying the design stage, 3D virtual design technology lessens the product development time along with cost and material required. In addition, 3D virtual design streamlines communication and eases innovation, promoting supply chain efficiencies, the report mentions.

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