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American Denim Manufacturer Doubles Up Product Lines With PLM Technology

Centric Software

American denim manufacturer Silver Jeans Co. has streamlined its operations with support from Centric Software, which offers digital solutions to fashion companies world over.

“With multiple people handling data, there was no direction and ownership wasn’t clear when something needed to be addressed. We wanted to increase the number of products but had no clear way of managing that process. It became obvious that we needed a program that would help us to achieve our company goals,” said Robyn McCarthy, Global Merchandising Manager at Silver Jeans.

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Post the deployment of Centric PLM technology, the denim manufacturer has doubled its number of product lines since 2010.

The technology has also reduced product lead time by 10 percent for the manufacturer, lowered sample lead times by an impressive 25 percent and reporting that used to takes days, can now be completed in minutes.

Centric PLM has enabled the denim manufacturing company to centralize information.

“We were getting by with the tools and programs that we had, but we didn’t have one central location for all of our data. It was preventing us from using our assets to their full potential and we were wasting resources on the whole,” the company said.

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