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Higher quality & Low Maintenance Machines Launched

Lately Unix Stitch Machines started endorsing its new avatar as ‘Unix PRO’ which will be offering more hi-tech, quality and efficient machines.

The company has reported  a good response for the machines and has already sold ten machines.

To know more about UNIX PRO TEAM PERFECT SOURCING caught up with Sanjay Jha, MD, Unix Stitchmachines Pvt. Ltd. who divulged details about UNIX PRO.

PS: What is UNIX Pro?

Sanjay: We are introducing the best in class quality embroidery machinery segment with a new name.

The ‘UNIX Pro’ by partnering with ‘Promaker’ a manufacturing brand that has established itself as the best in the industry in terms of quality and after sales service.

The objective of this alliance is to promote intelligent manufacturing across the globe by making machines that are professionals (Pro) in what they do and are available to all customers.

PS: How is it different from existing company Unix?

Sanjay: UNIX Pro is not different from UNIX at all. UNIX has always been dedicated to the empowerment of textile industry by making best personalised embroidery machines accessible to each and every individual, so as to help change the way we design, create and work.

Working on the similar lines we have introduced another segment of embroidery machines that are way more superior than any other in the market and named it ‘UNIX Pro’.


PS: What types of new products will be introduced by UNIX Pro?

Sanjay: Machines with patented Double CAM, Triple lever system which offers more stability and reliability in the head assembly of the machine will be introduced.

Machines that run at top speeds of upto 1400 RPM and that make very low noise, while in operation will come under it.

We will also be introducing, upto 8- sequence device and 20 needles with motorised cutters that improves efficiency manifolds.

We will also showcase automatic sequin motif making machine; and artificial beads attaching device.

PS: Do you think India is ready for such technology in the present circumstances when the market is slow due to Covid 19?

Sanjay: Of course, the market has slowed down after lockdown etc. which was expected and happened in other industries as well.

Now, apparel manufacturing units who are our customers are generally people who have this as a family business.

Also, Surat market is the epicenter of all the garment/ apparel services. So, customers will have to keep expanding or else the growth of their business will become stagnant.

Now UNIX Pro machines that we are promoting are actually very efficient and offer high quality.

From choosing the right material for the body, to making precise drill holes and joint welds; quality is the primary parameter for these machines.

High quality comes with low maintenance requirement which means that the machine will have more production time and less downtime as compared to others.

So if you ask me, then yes this is the right time to push such a product into Indian market. Customers will have to shift to more efficient machines to remain profitable.

Also I want to clarify that UNIX Pro machines are not expensive and as compared to cheap quality machines the price difference is between (5-15%) depending upon machine specs.

PS: When do you plan to roll these machines?

Sanjay: We already have started promoting these machines.

Infact, for the first month the response was outrageous.

We have already booked more than 10 machines which are supposed to arrive any time after Chinese New Year gets over.

PS: What is the strategy to combat these tough times?

Sanjay: Strategy is to continue penetration trying to reach out as many customers as possible.

Yes, times are tough, but the market is expanding slowly and gradually. We have been in the industry for last 15-16 years now.

We have sustained by doing a lot of hard work and offering services to our clients.

Our strongest USP is after sales service as have a very big engineering team to provide back up to our customers.

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