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Lululemon Launches Groundbreaking Enzymatically Recycled Polyester Item

Lululemon Launches Groundbreaking Enzymatically Recycled Polyester Item

Lululemon is set to debut its inaugural product crafted from enzymatically recycled polyester.

The exclusive Packable Anorak marks a significant stride in the brand’s collaboration with Australian eco-tech startup, Samsara Eco, heralding a pivotal moment in textile-to-textile recycling and the pursuit of a circular ecosystem by lululemon.

This groundbreaking innovation incorporates polyester produced through a blend of cutting-edge bioprocessing technologies.

Harnessing Samsara Eco’s patented enzymes to disassemble intricate synthetic blends fundamental to lululemon’s products and the performance apparel industry, alongside LanzaTech’s expertise in capturing carbon emissions from industrial sites to convert them into polyester building blocks, the process behind the creation of the high-performance jacket ensures it maintains the same lightweight, quick-drying qualities cherished by lululemon enthusiasts.

The Packable Anorak epitomizes the company’s holistic vision of circularity by integrating diverse sources, including mixed plastic waste, end-of-life lululemon garments, and repurposed carbon emissions. Designing with circularity in mind lies at the heart of the company’s product ethos, aiming to preserve utmost value and extend product lifespan before repurposing into new items.

Yogendra Dandapure, Vice President of Raw Materials Innovation at lululemon, articulated the company’s ambition to scale these transformative technologies across their entire supply chain.

“This capsule product is an initial stride in this direction, allowing us to test and refine as we progress towards a circular paradigm, promising transformative potential for industries seeking to transition to circular models.”

Paul Riley, CEO and Founder of Samsara Eco, emphasized the urgency of combatting fashion waste by leveraging enzymatic recycling technology to repurpose textile waste and avert landfill accumulation.

Riley expressed pride in collaborating with lululemon to drive change and revolutionize the linear plastic economy, envisioning the Packable Anorak as a symbol of clothing’s infinite lifecycle and the prevention of textile waste.

Building upon the recent announcement of the world’s first enzymatically recycled nylon 6,6 in partnership with Samsara Eco, this achievement underscores lululemon’s commitment to achieving 100% product utilization with preferred materials and end-of-life solutions by 2030.

To delve deeper into these innovative materials and initiatives, as well as lululemon’s broader Impact Agenda and Be Planet commitments, visit corporate.lululemon.com/our-impact.

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