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INA HANGER SYSTEMS: A big step towards Automation


Headquartered in Singapore, R&D center in Canada, the high-tech enterprise Intelligent Technology (Zhejiang) Co. Ltd (hereinafter called “INA Zhejiang”) was established in 2004. The multinational company, specialises in intelligent hanger system, is driven by the force of technology and innovation.

“We are selling unique production system that can make any factory work and perform in a smarter and efficient way. We want to change an old factory to a smart factory as it utilizes IOT which can be used to improve efficiency of a company, said Ronny Timuari, Sales Director of INL International Technology PTE LTD.

He also mentioned that today almost all consumers’ demand faster products as production cycles are getting shorter. “The hanger systems can be highly useful in reducing production time making production faster and cost effective as it does not require many operators to operate,” explained Ronny.

Manpreet Singh Walia

Starting from the cutting department to the allocation centre, offline processing, sewing, finishing to the packaging and warehouse, this intelligent hanger system works as an intelligent helper from one operation to another in the garment industry

INA Hanger Systems are designed to be user friendly, can be adapted easily and are simple to operate. These systems have wireless communication in station terminal that allows free adjustment and control as well as convenience in operation while standing or seated. Also, it has separate screens to display production, efficiency, and important parameters. One screen is at the terminal point of the system, technical data such as IE analysis, target management, and product details can be seen.

“We want to change an old factory to a smart factory as it utilizes IOT which can be used to improve efficiency of a company “

Other features include intelligent transportation and automatic adjustment of chain heights according to different products like garment or home textile. Each station has a large storage of hangers which allows the production line to handle increases in production.


The company has installed several hanger systems in India in companies like Orient Fashion, Shree Santhosh Garments and many others.

Manpreet Singh Walia, Country Manager, Ina India said, “The response at exhibition is good but it was better last year; this may be due to current market slowdown, however, for our product which is the need of hour the market response is getting better every day.”

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