Kasturi Cotton Program Revitalizes India’s Rich Cotton Heritage

Kasturi Cotton Program Revitalizes India's Rich Cotton Heritage

For millennia, cotton has been a cornerstone of India’s agricultural heritage. To honor and rejuvenate this legacy, the Government of India, alongside the Cotton Corporation of India and TEXPROCIL, has introduced the transformative Kasturi Cotton program.

This initiative aims to elevate Indian cotton to unprecedented global standards, envisioning a brand synonymous with unparalleled quality. Collaborating across the cotton industry spectrum, from farmers to ginners, the program promotes the adoption of best practices to enhance yield, quality, and production.

Through a series of rigorous workshops and seminars, Kasturi Cotton empowers farmers and ginners with essential knowledge spanning sowing, picking, storage, and transportation.

By emphasizing the benefits of these practices, the program has achieved a significant milestone: the production of over 50,000 Kasturi-certified cotton bales.

Distinguished by superior quality, these premium bales boast reduced thrash and moisture content, making them the preferred choice for spinners seeking enhanced output and profitability.

Endorsed by Kasturi certification, these bales have generated substantial demand in the market, signaling a pivotal shift towards reinstating trust in the supreme quality of Indian cotton.

The Kasturi Cotton certification assures a dependable ecosystem where stakeholders can count on the exceptional attributes of softness, luster, strength, and purity for their products.

This accomplishment underscores a steadfast commitment to showcasing the excellence of Indian cotton on the global stage, heralding a new era of recognition and prosperity for India’s cotton heritage.

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