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Let’s find out if Indian garment industry will regain its lost sheen

The GST has increased the cost of production and even though there is a good demand for apparel the market for India is shrinking. Some mechanism has to be worked out in order to bring things back on track. We actually need some think tanks to come up with some stratgeies for long run that can resolve the ongoing issues. Machinery should be upgraded, latest marketing systems should be brought up and things should be made easier in accordance with the youth demands as the long and hectic paperwork discourages many youngsters to become the part of the trade. There should be a national level policy for all. Meetings with proper solutions should be carried out. India is a growing market with a lot of potential to create employment opportunities and if everyone unites the industry will scale to new heights.

Ravi Poddar, Cheer Sagar, Jaipur

The apparel sector has always bounced back and it will revive again. There should be good working conditions for workers and the government should be supportive instead of intervening too much. There should be an academy where the exporters should undergo a training program and everyone’s knowledge should be enhanced. There should be more and more shows and exhibitions to showcase products and network with important buyers, however, the cost of participation should be as low as possible.

Tanya Sukhiya , Colourful Collections, Delhi

I think the revival of the apparel sector of India will be after the elections only. Although the domestic market is going up, it can grow more. The government should pay attention to the policies that it makes and implement it properly and think about giving good incentives to the exporters.

Pankaj Gupta , Exhort Fashion, Delhi

“The apparel sector of India is surely moving at a very slow pace right now. It has become more complicated than ever. The Government intervention should be less. Some procedures should be less complicated. To attract more buyers, a healthy competition should be encouraged amongst India and its neighbouring countries.”

Mohd. Amjad Khan, Fashion Skills, Delhi

“The apparel sector can only revive if the Government changes its policies. The duty drawback rates should not be reduced and should be retained like earlier. Incentives on exports should be given to encourage exporters and there should be less intervention by the authorities.”

Vasavi Swarup, Frolic Exports, Greator Noida, UP

“The market‘s growth is stagnant at the moment. Raw material prices should be cheaper. We have faced tough situation after the implementation of GST.”

Gokulanathan P., G.P.R Clothing Company , Tirupur

“Raw material price increase is a big issue of concern and it should be available at affordable rates. Earlier it was more stable, but now with increased Government interference it has become tougher to source the raw materials. After GST was implemented the cost of fabrics has also gone up.”

Gaurav Sethi , G- Line Creations, Delhi

“The apparel sector has been affected post GST and can revive by working on new fibres, exploring new trends like working on natural fibers. Sustainability is changing the game for the market and we can work on it as internationally buyers are looking for a eco-freindly products. We can work on sustainability by following good pricing strategy, costing, and labour and manufacturing in an ethical manner. Also apart from that, since India is a potentially substantial market, competition should be encouraged amongst India and other superpowers.”

Neha, HSPS Textiles, Delhi

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