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Embracing the Future: Techtextil and Texprocess Captivate Young Professionals and Students

Embracing the Future: Techtextil and Texprocess Captivate Young Professionals and Students

The textile industry offers abundant opportunities for young talents. Currently undergoing a transformative phase, it boasts a spectrum of creative avenues, from digitalization and automation to forward-thinking sustainability initiatives.

Consequently, Techtextil and Texprocess emerge as prime avenues for budding professionals to engage with pioneering companies across the textile value chain. These two premier international innovation trade fairs, scheduled concurrently in Frankfurt am Main from April 23 to 26, 2024, provide extensive networking prospects and knowledge platforms tailored for students and young professionals.

From fibers and composites to coated textiles catering to diverse application domains across various sectors like automotive, construction, fashion, and medicine, Techtextil offers a comprehensive snapshot of the global innovative prowess in technical textiles and nonwovens.

Simultaneously, Texprocess serves as the global stage for showcasing cutting-edge machines, processes, and services for garment manufacturing and textile materials, featuring groundbreaking solutions from sewing systems to cutting-edge technologies.

For young professionals, this translates into myriad networking avenues.

Techtextil and Texprocess offer an array of information and networking platforms specifically targeting young professionals, including presentations by universities, research institutes, and startups.

Moreover, the Techtextil Forum and Texprocess Forum sessions on Friday focus on the upcoming generation.

Sabine Scharrer, Director Brand Management Technical Textiles & Textile Processing, emphasizes,

“Techtextil and Texprocess are deeply committed to nurturing young talent. Our collaboration with universities, research institutes, and newcomers underscores this commitment. Given the current imperative for the textile industry to attract skilled labor, our approach assumes even greater significance.” Scharrer further adds, “As part of the initiative, select universities are being invited to the trade fairs. Many esteemed institutes have already confirmed their attendance along with students, eager to witness the industry’s innovative prowess firsthand.”

The “Campus & Research” zones in Halls 12.1 and 8.0 are indispensable for students and innovative companies alike.

Here, international universities, institutes, and research facilities showcase not only their research acumen but also a diverse array of forward-looking study and advanced training opportunities, with a focus on textiles and technologies for manufacturing, processing, and finishing.

Prof. Dr. Yordan Kyosev, Chair of Development and Assembly of Textile Products, ITM, TU Dresden, asserts,

“Texprocess stands as the foremost trade fair for ready-made garments and technical advancements in textile products. It serves as a melting pot for innovative developments and the latest scientific findings, thus attracting students and tomorrow’s skilled workforce. We eagerly anticipate engaging in an intensive dialogue at our booth, discussing the latest strides in textile material digitalization, 3D and 4D body scanning, numerical simulations of clothing-body interaction, textile handling, and manufacturing process automation.”

The Performance Fashion Design Masterclass presents an excellent opportunity to draw inspiration from novel approaches.

Approximately 30 fashion students from renowned design schools participate in this stimulating concept workshop.

Throughout the trade fair duration, they immerse themselves in the industry, acquaint themselves with innovative companies and their functional textiles and technologies, and devise sustainable concepts for clothing and equipment.

Participants unveil their outcomes on the Texprocess Forum stage at 11:00 am on April 26, 2024.

This workshop, with its distinctive framework, bridges the gap between fashion students and manufacturers of functional apparel textiles on one side and suppliers of processing technologies and fashion labels on the other.

“Start-up Stars” serves as the nexus for exhibitors and visitors to connect with dynamic young companies shaping the textile industry’s future. In the attention-grabbing zones dedicated to “Textile Production” (Hall 12.0) and “Functional Materials” (Hall 9.1) at Techtextil, and “Textile Processing Technologies” (Hall 8.0) at Texprocess, international startups showcase their innovations and business solutions, aiming to forge partnerships and establish new contacts.

Philipp Lehmkuhl, Managing Director of Esenca Digital Workwear, highlights, “Esenca’s participation in Texprocess underscores our focus on textile innovations in process automation and digitalization. Our showcase of the new AI-driven digital body-size measurement system, complete with garment size recommendations, aligns perfectly with these focal themes, promising process cost savings in the workwear industry’s diverse business models and the e-commerce segment of the fashion industry.”

Dr. Raouf Medimagh, Co-founder and CTO of Recyc’Elit, expresses, “As a French startup, Recyc’Elit is thrilled to participate in Techtextil, where the global innovative prowess of technical textiles and nonwovens is on display. We’re excited to unveil our innovative separative recycling technology, enabling the perpetual utilization of end-of-life complex polyester-based textiles by obtaining virgin-quality recycled PET resin usable in textile applications (textile-to-textile) and separated non-degraded co-materials.”

The Techtextil Forum and Texprocess Forum spotlight young professionals on the event’s final day. By presenting masterclass outcomes and offering insights into training and further education formats, these forums cater to the interests and requirements of students, career newcomers, and professionals transitioning into the industry.

These knowledge-sharing and networking forums specifically target industry newcomers, offering recruiting companies an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the younger generation’s concerns, mindset, and driving forces, and to connect with participants.

The complete lineup can be accessed shortly before the trade fair through the online event calendars of Techtextil and Texprocess.

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