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For the tenure of January April 2019 , the maximum imports of readymade garments from Turkey were by Germany at US $995.6m, Spain at $783.8m and UK at $627.1m. Netherlands , France and US follows next .

Turkey has witnessed a 0.7% rise in ready- made garment exports to US$6bn in the first four months of the year. April alone experienced a prosperous rise of 3% year-on-year to US$1.5bn .

Growth in the ready to wear and apparel industry faced pressures from ‘more geographical and political problems’ including the downturn of the EU and the ongoing trade war between US and China . On 17th May , US waived off the Generalised System Of Preferences (GSP) programme stating the economy to be “sufficiently economically developed” eliminating the eligibility of duty free imports of various products .

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