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FASTEST Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine by Fucen

Times are tough and demanding as well. The impact of Covid 19 has left everyone not only shocked but scared as well which has increased the demand for masks and PPE kits. STI Automation Apparel P Ltd that deals in various types of machines for apparel industry from Fucen has come up with a range of innovative machinery for makings masks and PPE kits. The FC SSI machine is ideal for making high quality PPE kits and several other products like Rain Jacket, Raincoat, Tent, Underwear, Sportswear, Waterproof Shoes. “Our Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine can be used to bond two different types of fabrics with sealing films. The machine is highly efficient and eco-friendly,” informed Amit Narang, MD, STI.

The USP of the machine is its unique automatic strip cutting function that can cut strips automatically and precisely, reduces the cost of artificial strip cutting and provide efficiency. The uniquely designed automatic edge – separation structure can eliminate the manual edge separation process and improve the rolling quality and efficiency.
In the times when finding the labour is getting tough the machine is highly useful as it eliminates the need for manual boring and flattening, and it can be leveled automatically to improve the rolling quality and efficiency.
With adjustable special feeding system one can adjust the speed according to different materials and processes, thus increasing production efficiency. The uniquely designed crank arm synchronous feeding structure can satisfy the rolling, reinforcing and fitting functions of various shapes, curvatures and other materials.The machine has a data memory storage function, sets the automatic shear segment, automatic feeding length, rolling length and other data for the different lengths of materials and processes, and can carry out multiple different lengths of memory and output in batches, thus increasing production efficiency and standardization. It is possible to work 24 hours continuously with high efficiency.


In response to the factory’s various specifications and materials, the machine ‘s upper and lower pressure wheels can be quickly replaced to apply in different processes, to meet the needs of different materials, to solve the problems such as the deformation, wrinkling, heel over knuckle line caused by different materials.
The uniquely designed computer – controlled automatic transport function can precisely control the length of the tape thereby controlling the cost and wastage.

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