IMA spa Launches New Range of Innovative Technology for RMG sector


For the last 45 years IMA has been using its own technologies and expertise to propose integrated software solutions and automated hardware systems that perfectly meet the philosophy of Industry 4.0 of automated and interconnected production, facilitating the digital transformation of companies all over the world in Fashion, but also in other sectors such as furniture, automotive, home textile or medical.

The company has recently launched new range of machines that ensure high speed, quality and precision. 890D is IMA’s latest innovation in the field of spreading.

It combines the productivity and speed.

The USP of the machine is that it has advantages of the spreader with the precision and accuracy of the unroller.

The machine is specially designed and built to meet the demands of all clothing manufacturers, allows the processing in layer, ensuring very high standards of speed and productivity.

The same machine has the ability to work in unroller mode, allowing the use of the typical techniques of the single ply.

IMA 890 DUAL is controlled by a on-board PC which incorporates all the manual and automatic functions for the machine management, both in spreader and unroller mode.

A patent application has been filed for the innovation of the 890 DUAL machine.

890 DUAL spreading can be used for multilayer fabric with flexible performance to adapt to all materials. It guarantees very high spreading quality.

The machine can interface with logistic offices and CAD systems. It is possible to send spreading orders that allow the machine to integrate into the company IT systems.

In unroller mode the machine is controlled by the on-board PC, it is connected to the IMA cutting machine or to a generic cutting machine to which it is subject.

In this operating mode the machine does not require operator intervention for its functioning , the tooling and verification of the material used are excluded.

Also in this mode, the machine generates reports to identify the consumption of fabric, referred to the cloth rolls used in processing.

AMI is the inverse of IMA, but it is also the acronym for Advanced Machine Interface was also launched by the company.

It is the latest HMI management software, entirely developed by the IMA software department and will be installed exclusively on the new generation cutting machines that will be introduced on the market in the coming months.

Polaris 908 is the latest innovation in labeling machines. Unlike the previous model, it is entirely governed by a PC on board.

The HMI that resides on this PC allows greater flexibility in operations and an easy possibility of connecting even remotely using the team viewer platform.

The availability of file editing functions also allows to adapt the processing needs directly to the production station, without resorting again to the production or the CAD office.

The great novelty is that Polaris, unlike the previous model, is capable of printing labels in all languages.

Operator can in fact move the position of the labels and can change, if necessary, the content of the labels manually and in real time. He will also be able to create and apply new labels manually.

The generation of production reports and their easy consultation allow the operator to check and plan work effectively.

It is also possible to insert Polaris in the IMA Syncro Cutting Room, the supervision and control App for the cutting room machinery that IMA provides to its customers.

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