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Austrian fibre maker Lenzing creates ‘Web Technology’ for sustainable production of nonwovens

Austrian fibre manufacturer Lenzing Group is taking a leap in developing sustainable nonwoven products as it launches a new technology concept, LENZING™ Web Technology with an investment of € 26 million.

What takes nonwoven products away from the sustainability aspect is the fact that most of these are made with plastic materials like polyester or polypropylene which are not a sustainable alternative as it takes years to decay.

However, Lenzing has come up with this Web Technology concept to manufacture nonwoven fabrics through environment-friendly production processes.

Basically, the new technology is a nonwoven web development process that begins with botanic wood pulp and manufactures fabric made of 100 percent incessant Lyocell filaments.

Markedly, the company claims that this ‘web’ can be integrated with standard non-thermal-based nonwoven bonding solutions such as hydroentangling and needle punching.

Additionally, the Lenzing technology will facilitate a self-bonding mechanism in which filaments will connect into a fabric during the laydown process, offering a wider range of surface textures,

drapeability and dimensional constancy than other nonwoven solutions using 100 percent cellulosic fibres.

“Given the nonwoven fabric market size is expected to reach close to US $ 35 billion by the year 2022, it is crucial to support eco-responsible development of the nonwoven industry by using sustainable raw materials. We envision that our new Web Technology will facilitate the value chain to create more innovative applications out of natural, biodegradable cellulose materials,” said Wolfgang Plasser, VP, Global Business Management Nonwovens, Lenzing.

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