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5,000 garment workers DISMISSED in Bangladesh

As many as 5,000 garment workers have been fired by factory owners in Bangladesh. the workers have been expelled for joining strikes over minimum wage earlier this month.

The protests goaded demonstrations outside Bangladeshi embassies and consulates around the world.

It is to be mentioned here that one worker died and more than 50 were injured in clashes in Ashulia, a garmenting cluster.

“So far the factories have dismissed 4,899 workers due to the unrest,” a Senior Police Officer told AFP. However, the labour unions say the real number is much higher at around 7,000.

Additionally, 1,200-plus garment workers were dismissed from a single factory.

“The fact remains that, even after recent amendments, workers in Bangladesh still earn poverty wages,” reportedly stated Ben Vanpeperstraete, Clean Clothes Campaign. Notably, Bangladesh has 4,500 clothing factories employing 4.1 million workers.

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