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Who’s The BIG BOSS In Apparel Buying: USA or EU?


“The buying capacity is more about what product are you trying to sell. Different countries have different demand and if you can meet the demand then all have potential to buy is what I feel. The products that we are exporting are zari products which have a good market in Middle East and Gulf countries along with Brazil, Germany and Georgia. The stitched dresses of zari embroidery have a good market in Europe also. Ladies products such as tops, dresses designed with Indian handicraft and embroidery have a good demand in Portugal. New Zealand is also an upcoming market for these products. I would not be able to comment about products other than these that I export. Also I have home furnishing products with zari embroidery. They are the main products that we are dealing with other than stylish ladies’ wear. Since last two years the demand has decreased and the market is very slow.”

Suhail Mian, Crazy Desires, Rampur, UP.

“The EU offers more opportunities than the US and Middle East as for ME the quantities are small as of now. Middle East usually buys only traditional products. As far as the buying capacity the US has always the upper hand. Emerging business through e-commerce is also affecting retail business in the US. The business in US is going down and a lot of retailers there are going bankrupt. This issue has not affected the EU to that extent till now so there is still a healthy demand. I believe ladies products are being sourced from India in good numbers and it has always been India’s strength. Kids’ wear is also fetching demand but not much. The majority of the demand is of ladies blouses from India.”

Vijay Kumar Chadda, Binnie Sales Corp, New Delhi.

“The US is definitely in a better position than the Middle East and in terms of queries. The foreign countries I feel are looking for hand-woven cotton women’s garments. We are seeing a lot of enquiries coming for polyester based blended fabrics as well. This season we are seeing enquiry for blended garments also as they reduce the cost as compared to cotton and natural fibres which are expensive. People are definitely considering price point as a major factor and opting for blended fabrics like poly-cotton. By category I would say ladies wear is seeing good demand followed by kid’s and men’s wear.”

Amit Agarwal, Cuddles India, Noida, UP.

“I feel that the EU is having a better buying capacity at this moment. I am dealing mostly with EU. The casual garments for ladies wear are more in demand. Men’s and Kid’s garments are not that in demand comparatively. The market has been slow since some time but now it is again picking up.”

Vineet Kumar Sadh, Ellora Enterprices, Noida, UP.

“With the crude prices going higher, dollar is very stable. The trend talks with China are also going in a positive direction. So there is more stability foreseen for the US. In India, kids and ladies wear are working well. We don’t have much sales in men’s wear as India does not work with light cottons, woolens, heavy polyester which is more required more for men’s wear.”

G S Madan, Madan Trading Company Private Ltd, New Delhi.

“The US always have a better buying capacity. They source from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India mainly and have a better economic situation also. Globally and in India also ladies wear are in better demand and followed by men’s and kids. Very few exporters are working on kid’s wear and mostly the small ones only.”

J S Lamba, Yaatri, New Delhi.

“Everybody knows that the US has a good buying capacity. They are good buyers and are buying all the categories. It is not that there are any restrictions about the product being ladies’, men’s or kid’s. The thing is that there is a price bar. If they are getting good prices, then only they buy.”

Ashwani Mongia, Bittoo Overseas, Delhi.

“I think the US is doing better and still has more buying capacity in my knowledge as compared to the other countries. As for categories, I would say ladies’ garments are in more demand than the other two.”

Pankaj Gupta, Exhort Fashion, Delhi.

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