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THIS is what exporters have to say on Indian Govt’s duty-hike move

It will not make any difference as most of the apparel imports are made in cotton and rayon, which is not imported. The government should increase export incentives and support industry through infrastructure. Make in India is a good initiative as this will increase the domestic manufacturing. China and US as are imposing taxes on each other and this is happening in India also. .”

Abhishek, ALPS Expo, New Delhi

Imposing a duty is against free trade. We all are against this. Other people have benefits because they are making cheaply in other countries where the labour cost is cheap. Once the fabric is imported it will be re-exported and there will be more excise duty 

Amit Roy, Avadat Apparels, Gujarat

Everyone is dependent on each other. The government has yet not reimbursed the GST subsidies. Make in India is not reaching any stage. The Government is also benefitting and hence the prices will go down. The export has been down since the last six months because of this reason only. The Government should intervene in a different way as the prices should not be increased. 

Anil Ahuja, Ahujas Web Pvt Ltd, Delhi

If this policy is implemented in a proper manner, then it can yield fruitful results. A variety of fabrics is not produced in India then it is applicable. The working capital has increased due to GST. The Government should support manufacturing as this will ultimately increase exports from the country. 

Ashish Garg, A.G. Fashion, Rajasthan

It would not be a good decision to impose duties as India’s apparel exports sector are already going through tough times. It will hamper the healthy competition between the neighbouring countries. But the domestic manufacturing is going to improve as healthy competition will arise. Import and export systems are a way to showcase work outside. The margin of profit will decline and buying capacity will decline too. The Government should have thought it before launching. 

Kulpreet Singh, AB Marketing, Rajasthan

The apparel export sector is already suffering from GST and this is not going to benefit exporter or the apparel export sector of India. The Government’s initiative to allow exhibitors to participate in the fair was also not fruitful. Taxes are being imposed but they would adversely affect the industry and not boost it. In fact, it will suffer because we will not buyers due to high prices. Buyers often complain that our prices are never consistent and keep on changing because of the Government’s policy changes and duties. Make in India could prove to be helpful in the handloom and handicraft sector but still there is no standardisation 

Manik Sadh, Aamra, Rajasthan

The moment you export you are making money while when importing you lose out money. This is not a good news for exporters as this will increase the raw materials cost as lot has to be imported while making products for international market. Export will become more competitive. However, it is beneficial for domestic manufacturing. I think exporters should be given more incentives like China does. There will be big problems even in sourcing the machinery as it is usually imported and this will make machinery cost higher. 

Mohammad M.Shaikh, Adiba Fashions Pvt Ltd

The move is not beneficial because the prices will increase and the buyers will lose interest in buying from India. ‘Make in India’ Campaign will get some support from it but how far that cannot be gauged. For instance, silk which was cheap ten years back is very expensive today because of high duties. If the Government will keep on adding taxes like this the industry will land in very difficult situation. 

Naresh Kumar Sadh A.K. Dyeing, Noida

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