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Japanese textile designers Chaiki Maki and Parva have made generous efforts to weave Japanese tradition in India through manufacturing traditional hand – woven Japanese outfits in Dehradun ,Uttrakhand .

Chaiki and Parva are working with Indian artisans since 27 years and opened their own work station in 2017 , Ganga Maiki Textile Studio in Bhogpur , Uttarakhand . Rakesh Singh is the Indian director for the textile studio .

These splendid and awestruck designs manufactured in their studio with the help of persistent and dedicated weavers have set a benchmark in terms of hand – woven outfits in Japan .

Chaiki met an Indian chef Rakesh and proposed him to work at their Indian café in their textile shop situated in Tokyo . While working there ,Rakesh was highly moved because of the fondness and love Japanese people expressed towards the outfits appreciating the refines and expertise of the weaver.  He proposed the idea to Chaiki and Parva to build a bridge between India and Japan by teaching Indian artisans the art of Japanese textile printing and designing .Parva and Chaiki  organisedsustainable and stunning workshops that trained local villagers in weaving , hand spinning and naturally dying the fabric in Athurwala , Uttarakhand .

Their main reason behind this project is to become a role model for villagers helping them sustain their livelihood . There are hundreds of families in various villagers assisting them in making handmade yarns . Currently , about 50 workers including 10 weavers , five tailors and women workers for various hand – woven tasks , caretakers and farmers are working at Ganga Maiki Textile Studio . Their products are bed covers , coats , jackets , silk scarves , silk shawls and silk dresses .

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