PICANOL GROUP recently organised a series of get togethers in order to celebrate CUSTOMERS DAY IN NORTH INDIA. The motto was not only to make customers understand about the latest technologies in airjet and weaving but also analyzing their concerns or views on machines being used. The series of these days started with Chandigarh proceeding to Ahmedabad and finally to Bhilwara.

A wonderful event was organised at Hotel Marriot Ahmedabad on 29th Aug 2019 and the response from the market was overwhelming with more than 185 people from Gujarat coming to attend the program.

Some of the agendas that were focused on was industry 4.0 @ Picanol the most important being the release of OMNIplusI andOptimax i.

“It was a great opportunity for people who could not make it to ITMA Barcelona to see latest innovation done by Picanol and it was our turn to show it to customers, weaving managers, technicians and people working in loom shed what Picanol has done. There was active participation by the customers, new prospects, technocrats, textile institute and research organisation on our new airjet and Rapier looms,” informed P.Kasiwisvanathan, , Gravity Point Manager & Director, Picanol India. The event saw a quiz program also to keep it lively and interactive. “Thanks to all our team who have put in a lot of hard work to make this a big success,” added Kasi. The Chandigarh event saw more than 110 industry peers who expressed their satisfaction over the concept and theme of the event and appreciated efforts by Picanol Group in organizing such events to remain connected to customers. All events got a good response from customers.

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