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New York Home Fashions Week: Textile Company GHCL Launches Innovative Products

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New York Home Fashions Week, which focuses on home textiles, witnessed the launch of new home textiles products by Indian textile company GHCL Limited.

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The Indian textile manufacturer introduced a range of traceable Egyptian cotton bedding collection: ‘Nile Harvest’ and ‘Meditasi’, at New York Home Fashions Market Week held recently.

GHCL claims that the Nile Harvest collection entails the use of proven technology from Tailorlux Gmbh in Munster, Germany, to establish the source and secure complete traceability from gin to store.

The technology involves the insertion of a machine readable optical security marker at the gin which is a customized “optical fingerprint” and is only readable by smart, “lock and key sensors”.

The management of this process includes IoT integration of all traceability data throughout the supply chain. This product will be marketed mainly in the USA and the UK.

The health & wellness bedding range ‘Meditasi’ focuses on improving the health and wellness and rejuvenating the user during sleep.

The home textiles collection includes the following ranges: Radi-Pure nullifies the impact of radiation from electronic and wireless devices through the use of tiny Environ chips embedded in the seam of the fitted sheet.

Hydro-Bliss, is a hydration bedding that does not draw moisture from the skin. Therma-Comfy, centers on cooling and rapid drying. Derma-Gloss inhibits allergies and nourishes the skin. Air-Fresh purifies the air in the sleeper’s microclimate. Youth-Renew, anti-ageing sheets which prevent wrinkles.

Aroma-Lure, offers aromatic infusions including lavender, jasmine, vanilla and cinnamon. Muscle-Resto, provides infrared energy for improved blood flow.

While Relax-Max, helps foster better sleep quality by blending Tencel.

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Manu Kapur, President and CEO of GHCL Home Textiles said, “MEDITASI has 9 innovative ranges that directly promote better sleep and a diverse array of health and wellness benefits, through the use of specific sustainable fibers like Cupro, Kapok, TENCEL™ and REFIBRA ™,  polyester infused yarns such as graphite and copper, select weaves and finishes.”

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