This Company Is Offering Automation In Denim

Robotech Machine

Robotech A.G., founded in 1997, is dedicated to make design and production of automation sewing systems. Tuncay Koru, the Vice President of International Sales & Marketing of the company shared, “ We are specialty sewing automation manufacturer that makes its own R&D, design, programming and production at its own 6.000sqm factory. Robotech’s motto is to provide top quality and maximum efficiency sewing automats with the latest technology for the garments manufacturers around the globe at affordable prices and feasible terms.” He further added, “We are also very pretentious on our fast delivery of spare parts and parts pricing especially compared to the German and Japanese manufacturers. In terms of Formal Jackets and trousers’ automation Robotech has a full line.”

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Jeans automats are a new area of focus for the company and hence it has a limited variety as of now. Koru suggests to have a look at their other automats which are very special in their unique work solutions such as the LB6000-Care Label Attaching Automat ( 4/6 and 8 heads options as well as Hot Cut & now Ultrasonic Cutting option) which is a bottle neck operation for exporters since now there are at least 4-5 may be more care-labels on every export garment. Another, on demand Robotech automation is the AS5100/5100 Hanger Loop Attaching machine (satin & nylon loop – Hot/Cold Cut or new Ultrasonic Cutting option) which is a must machine for mostly ladies garments.

Thy company provides not one but two versions allowing the loop end to face towards outside or inside a garment. Meanwhile XP-7200 Polo Font Placket Work station with auto-front loader not only speeds up a very critical operation on the Polo shirt production but also guarantees 100% quality with stitch model variety.

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