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IMA SPA Italy has been organising a series of webinars to inform and update about not only latest technological innovations but also understand the key requirements of customers in todays’ time.

IMA S.p.a Italy Organises WebinarThe second seminar touched upon the home textile sector, one of the fastest growing sectors even in the era of pandemic. “In times of pandemic home becomes the main place where one feels safe. Home is rediscovered and becomes the main asset to invest on,” Said Mirella Sardini, President, IMA S.p.a.


For this reason, the second webinar took the home textile sector to present the technological solutions that IMA offers for the handling and spreading of household linen (such as tablecloths, curtains and sheets) and for the spreading and cutting of upholstered furniture with a specially designed and dedicated line.

She also informed that for IMA, the sale of H340 height spreader saw good growth in 2020 and is continuing to grow considerably.

“For this seminar we have got testimonials from many of our clients including large Indian groups who have purchased IMA spreaders lens for sheets and that plans a further expansion,” averred Mirella.

Just think that in 2020 it has entered into a licensing agreement with Walt Disney for the entire area of Europe with the goal of expanding its global portfolio in the home textiles space.

Explaining further the webinar started on how cutting technology offers ideal solution for home textiles especially curtains, table cloths, sheers, foam rubber, foam and wadding for any kind of padding.

Most of the companies that produce curtains, tablecloths and sheets choose to cut by hand since automatic cutting hardly brings advantages in terms of time or quality due to the simplicity of the shapes. “For this reason, it is fundamental to be able to make the cutting room effective by optimizing the spreading, for each type of material used and for each processing required,” said Vinicio Gottardi.

“We are very proud to have developed together with a well-known Italian brand, which is a leader in the production of underwear our line for padding. We can guarantee that using our automatic cutting technology , cutting up to a thickness of 12cm of compressed foam with a cutting precision within the tenth of a milli meter is possible,” said Vinicio.

He highlighted that for the home sector a spreading line composed of a loader, a spreader, but without cutting for tablecloths, curtains and sheets, and a complete line with cutting machine for all upholstery products is available.

Usually the materials to be laid in the HOME TEXTILE companies are presented in rolls that can be both opened or closed, but also welded.

According to this first differentiation and also to the working method used by the customer, two different types of spreading is possible, one with half sheet with or without clamp, the zig-zag folded roll with clamp

The accessories used in the production are with the increased opening of the clamp for the production of the padding foam, the triangle for the opening of the folded fabric with motorised spiral that allows a capacity up to 600 kg.

The management of the spreader also for 890XL is associated with a blowing table that allows, unlike the conveyor, to use the manual cutter directly on the table, so while the machine lays autonomously on the adjacent table, the operator can already cut on the other table.

As for the management and handling of the pieces, IMA has several solutions, in particular for the loading of the piece, the models designed for this sector are the 807, equipped with automatic belt for the pre loading of several pieces in succession with option for large pieces, and the model 805, designed and developed to ensure the loading of several rolls in succession, thus avoiding downtime for the stretcher with useful height up to 340 cm with the weight of the piece that can reach 200 kg each.

Bharani Kumar from Himatsingka Linens as maintenance manager shared., “We have installed 4 IMA model XL340 automatic drafting lines in the year 2016. Since then we are using the machines which are running excellently and working very accurately and precisely.”


“The service team is very well trained, experienced and very proactive. We are very satisfied with the product and service which helps us to maintain our goals and improving our quality,” said a satisfied Kumar.

If you have missed to attend the webinar, no worries click here to watch it:

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