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Geo-Chem: Eyeing Growth & Enhanced Market Share in Testing Segment

Plans new Lab in Tirupur after success in Gurgaon.

New facility coming up by December 2018 in Bangladesh.

Geo-Chem, a 1964 born Mumbai (India)-based company with branches all across the globe, provides services of independent inspection and testing of diverse export, import, locally traded cargos, and commodities… It has a strong presence worldwide being an unbiased and quality-driven organisation. The management of the company is very focussed and strong, with its core strengths lying in food, oil and gas, ores, agriculture sectors. Years of dedicated and professional services to the clients have built up enough confidence in the international market for the company to drive 100 percent exclusive nominations from the clientele towards them.

The company recently ventured into the textile industry at the hands of Manish Kumar, Executive Vice President, CPS division. Starting the division only one and a half year back, an astonishing growth has already been witnessed with two big laboratories in Gurugram and Dubai. It launched consumer product service division for the inspection and testing of textile, apparel, fabric, soft home furnishing, hardline, imitation jewelery, leather, and footwear products at its 40,000-sq.ft.-facility in Gurugram. The company is now adding furniture testing also in its division.

With a fitting department for the inspection process they provide the fitted sample before the production.

“We are interacting with the customers at the ground level so that they do not have to face the pain of cancelled shipments at the end where nothing can be done and all the money and efforts are gone in vain. We understand the pain of the exporters and hence, we are providing a complete approvable perfect sample at the ground level to go for production without any hesitation,” Manish underlined. The company is first in the line of testing industry which is fully automated and has interactive ways of working, with assistance provided from sample to final quality product.

On the digital front, the interface of the company’s website is also interactive where the customers can login to the website and see what is going on in which laboratory as well as talk to them via the Live Chat option. Geo-Chem, understands the foundation of integrity issues and hence has designed its operations in such a way that eliminates bureaucracy entirely. “Our system of inspection is fully automated with software choosing the inspector according to the requirement and notifying them through e-mails, specifically in the evening before the inspection day. This leaves no room for any prior communication of the inspector with the company,” averred Manish.

He further added, “We are not targeting only mass market but also going with niche products such as blended woolens. In India, we are working with all big names and companies both offline and online groups, and now with the right focus and hard work; we hope to go largely internationally as well.”

Moving further the company now plans to start lab facility in Tirupur as it one of major apparel and textile hub and Bangladesh also which is slated to be inaugurated by the end of December 2018.

When asked about his advice to the exporters, Manish told us that everybody should have strong technology in place, to increase efficiency and quality in order to match the international standards. He also added, the old established companies should maintain the passion and aggressiveness in their businesses, to thrive like the new ones.

Concluding the conversation Manish said, “Our aim is definitely to grow and expand but without compromising on our services and quality, moreover, we want to be closer to our clients and build long lasting relationships.”



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