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Tech company Karl Mayer launches new mechanism for e-textiles production

Textile Circuit Karl Mayer

Germany-based Karl Mayer, which offers solutions for warp knitting, warp preparation for weaving and technical textiles, has introduced ‘textile-circuit’ for the production of highly advanced e-textiles that can be used for heating, cooling, and lighting.

The company states that these textiles can measure heart rate and be launched into space for use as space reflectors, as long as they are electrically conductive.

“The electrical conductivity of warp-knitted textiles is the subject of extensive development work at Karl Mayer”. At the functional heart of these innovative e-warp-knitted textiles are filaments containing metal, such as Elitex.

Multibar raschel machines are used with and without a jacquard facility to incorporate conductive yarns directly into the textile during manufacture, as per Karl Mayer.

This is possible because of multibar patterning technology using Karl Mayer’s innovative string bar system, with which the yarns can be stationed independently and as needed onto a ground – subsequent to the doctrine of tailored fibre placement.

What’s more, the characteristic performance aspects of textile such as softness, suppleness, stretch and breathability, are completely retained.

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