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MSMEs may now get their grievances resolved within 7 days through this new govt portal

Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs : MSME Ministry on Tuesday announced a grievance registration and management system for issues around finance, raw materials, labour, regulatory permissions etc. particularly due to the Covid impact faced by small businesses. The portal – – will allow MSME associations, units, employees, and aspiring entrepreneurs etc. to register their complaints, suggestions or seek information around the support provided to MSMEs. Grievances registered by MSMEs either on the government’s Centralized Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring System (CPGRAMS) or any other portal of the MSME Ministry will be automatically pulled into the Champions portal.

The grievances will then be diverted subject-wise to concerned branch/bureau/office heads under the MSME Ministry to attend them within three days. The matter “should not remain inconclusive after seven days” AK Sharma, MSME Secretary said in a note announcing the trial launch of the Champions portal on May 9. For unresolved complaints, the “top leadership of the MSME Ministry” will “pro-actively take (them) up,” said Sharma.

RotondiThe ministry has also integrated its recently launched portal for MSMEs — — to share their ideas, innovation, and research in respective sectors for public reviews for vetting before launching them within the Champions portal. Moreover, it has also added the information and knowledge bank for MSMEs such as steps taken by the government for MSMEs to fight Covid, RBI’s relief measures, delayed payments monitoring, all MSME schemes, list of government notifications, the support provided by SIDBI and more.

The Champions (Creation and Harmonious Application of Modern Processes for Increasing the Output and National Strength) portal is “basically for making the smaller units big by solving their grievances, encouraging, supporting, helping and handholding. It is a real one-stop-shop solution of MSME Ministry,” the ministry said in a statement.

For MSMEs to take support of the government schemes, Champion Control Rooms have been set up at MSME Development Institutes across the country that will handhold small businesses in accessing help. The control rooms network is created in a “Hub & Spoke Model. The Hub is situated in New Delhi in the Secretary MSME’s office. The spokes will be in the states in various offices and institutions of Ministry. As of now, 66 state level control rooms are created as part of the system.”

Existing and Revised Definition of MSMEs

Existing MSME Classification
Criteria : Investment in Plant & Machinery or Equipment
Classification Miero Small Medium
Mfg. Enterprises Investment<Rs. 25 Lac Investment<Rs. 5 cr. Investment<Rs. 10 cr.
Services Enterprises Investment<Rs. 10 lac Investment<Rs. 2 cr. Investment<Rs. 5 cr.
Revises MSME Classification
Composite Criteria : Investment And Annual Turnover
Classification Micro Small Medium
Manufacturing & Services Investment< Rs. 1 cr.


Turnover<Rs. 5 cr.

Investment<Rs. 10 cr.


Turnover< Rs. 50 cr.

Investment< Rs. 20 cr.


Turnover<Rs. 100 cr.


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