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M Type Delta: Sewing System of the new Era

Dürkopp Adler Group presentedsolutions for industrial sewing at Texprocess 2019. The machine called M Type Delta is an impressive innovation for the most modern sewing and welding technology, relevant to the current trends in the manufacturing of textiles.“The automated sewing system knows what to do and how to do it right. It makes things much easier. It learns continuously and consistently and improves through software updates,” said Thomas Brinkhoff, Director of Marketing. “We had an overwhelming feedback for our presentations including all the technologies we are showcasing here at Texprocess. Even though we present our M-Type Delta as a technology with focusing on the medium of heavy duty for the first time, people now understand the principle of an assisting system and digitalised sewing system coming up in the market”, shared ThomasBrinkhoff.

The M-Type Delta machine is designed to communicate with the operatorand the technology ensuring right decision of manufacturing processes.The company further explained the new M Type Delta to be the image of difference in time and technology.“To understand this difference I will give you an example. Think about a difference between old mobile phones to the new smart phones. In no time, the world wanted only smart phones because of its innovated power and immense benefits. Same is what the new Delta is giving us now”, claimed the company at the presentation. It is a sewing system which not only delivers perfect seam but also is a partner and communicator to the operator and to the technician. The central benefit of the new product is that it is the perfect assistant for any situation. It is a helper, partner and communicator to make things easier and helps in challenging situations.

The best available global technologies have been combined for the new M Type Delta to result in the best seams without any manual adjustments or human interference. It eases the common challenge faced by the industry to train new operators and wastages.In MType Delta, the operator gets visual assistance, explanations and options to determine if the right materials and instructions were selected before they are sewn. This assistance not only comes with the machine but also can be adjusted by any particular company’s expertise. It sets up the workplaceaccording to a particular operator’s preferences by remembering usage automatically. The principle is called “my personal delta”.

In addition, the machine is designed to guide the technicians while repairing by tutorials. Before any error happens, the machine indicates necessary preventive works based on the real usage of the machine. It cuts the wastage cost to zero. With software updates, this machine will be able to upgrade without mechanical changes.

Talking about the exhibition Thomas said, “Traditionally we see a lot of visitors from Central and Eastern Europe, North African, Arabian, America. This year very few were seen from China, however, there are visitors from India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka as well.” He also mentioned that India is a very important market in the world of apparel and also for us. It is of course known in the market for traditional technologies, but constantly now the demand is rising for digitalisation and automation. So there are a lot of enquiries in the area of these respects”, shared Thomas. Talking about their strategy in India, he shared, “We did not really change our strategy in term of our distribution channel. We have very good and experienced distribution partner in India who have a very big coverage of the entire country and we are quite happy with our dealers there. What we are doing there now is we are constantly pushing new innovative technologies, automisation for production of men’s wear, which is our main focus.”

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