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Lectra introduces customised ‘Fashion On Demand’ services

France-based technology provider, Lectra has become the first ever company in the world to have launched on demand technology with an end-to-end offer that automates the entire personalization process from product development to final cutting stages.

‘Fashion On Demand by Lectra’ is based on Industry 4.0 principles.

The fast moving fashion industry has encouraged consumers to command tailored products. The introduction of the Lectra technology will allow fashion manufacturers to produce what the consumer asks for. Also, this will enable them to produce in accurate quantities and shun overstocking and markdowns, and shorten leadtimes.

The technology is available in the form of two packages, one dedicated to made to measure, and the other to customization, is a turnkey solution that automates on-demand production right from order reception to production development stages and the cutting room.

The package also allows companies to define the product customization criteria and range for each item depending on the package (such as altering product characteristics for customization and pattern adjustments for made to measure) and launch production processes right from the get-go, without interfering with their standard workflows.

“Personalization, or rather, on-demand production, is going to be an industry-wide phenomenon. For the first time in the fashion industry, there will be a comprehensive personalization solution that will be able to perform under the same market conditions as the ready-to-wear segment and produce the same, if not better, results,” says Daniel Harari, Chairman and CEO, Lectra.

This technology gives fashion companies a 360°-view of the entire personalization process, providing them with the visibility to streamline multiple production processes and manage complex individual demands from custom order to cut piece.

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