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Invista launches Lycra Freef!t for comfort movement in denim

US-based Invista, world’s largest integrated fiber, resin and intermediates manufacturer, has introduced its new Lycra Freef!t technology.

The company claims that Lycra Freef!t provides denim and woven fabrics with soft, easy stretch and excellent recovery. Notably, the Lycra Freef!t fabrics are made using Lycra dualFX yarns which are specially treated, and then woven in precise structure to provide the soft stretch.

It is pertinent to mention here that the Lycra Freef!t technology was a result of a survey which showed that while 65 percent of female want jeans that are easy to move in, just 25 percent of respondents signified the last pair of jeans they bought, let them to move freely. 22 percent of respondents further said the last pair they purchased held their shape, despite 56 percent wanting jeans that would do so.

“It’s a bit like trying to fool the laws of nature. Typically, when you have soft, easy stretch, fabric recovery is compromised. What makes this technology so unique is that it combines two opposing concepts – soft stretch and excellent shape retention,” Jean Hegedus, Global Director for Denim and Wovens, Invista said.

The technology also mingles two unique types of Coolmax fiber with cotton and Lycra fibre for cool comfort with a soft, natural hand and authentic aesthetic.

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