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Indian textile company using this innovative method to communicate with retailers

Donear Industries Limited, one of India’s finest textile products manufacturers, has curated an all-in-one retailer kit of around 15,000 pieces for its retailers.

The kit contains Umbrella, Pass Holders, Pocket Diaries, Posters and stickers of brands like Donear, , Graviera, D’cot, NXG and the recently launched power brand, Grado from The House of GBTL-Grasim & from The House of OCM and Matching plates with celebrity faces.

The first ever attempt to draw attention to the union and strengthen of the bond between the brand and its retailers spread across West Bengal, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Delhi, Maharashtra, Orissa, Karnataka, Kerala, Goa and other such locations.

S Krishnamoorthy, Managing Director, GBTL Ltd., said that the retail shop is the key to reach the consumer. “The reason for curating a kit was to engage the customer at the retail counter with pleasing, impactful messages; and simultaneously, help retailers through innovative selling support such as than separators, matching plates, etc.”

He added that communication is of prime importance. Donear Industries frequently communicates with customers through WhatsApp and other media, apart from at the point of purchase, and both online & on ground.

Responding positively to the move by the company, Akash, from Akash Saree Centre, Bihar, said, “I liked the way the company took the initiative to connect with us. This is the 1st time any company has send the kit directly to us. Customers are using the Fabric matching plate while selecting the fabric”.

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