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Fibre producer Lenzing tops sustainable wood sourcing chart

Lenzing, a Austrian fibre manufacturer, has been rated as the top producer of wood-based fibres out of 31 companies globally with respect to responsible procurement of wood.

This was stated in a report published by the Canadian environmental organisation, Canopy.

“We are proud of this top ranking. It underpins our role as a leader in sustainability and gives our customers confidence that we have the right practices in place to prevent the use of wood and pulp from ancient and endangered forests,” said Stefan Doboczky, Chief Executive Officer of Lenzing.

Notably, Lenzing was one of the first wood-based fibre producers to complete and publicly release the results of its CanopyStyle Audit in 2017 confirming the same.

Responsible sourcing and sustainability are key elements of Lenzing’s corporate strategy that help preserve global forests and prevent deforestation.

Sustainable wood and pulp sourcing has long been given the highest priority by the Lenzing Group. Forest protection is crucial for Lenzing, not least because of the loss of biodiversity and climate change, which are becoming ever more important issues.

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