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Epson unveils some successful case studies

Mantero Seta, a Como-based company specialised in the design, production and distribution of luxury fabrics and textile accessories, started its journey towards innovation in the 1990s, which culminated in the adoption of Epson’s Monna Lisa digital printers.

Driven by a desire to be at the forefront and to meet the textile industry’s changing stylistic needs, Mantero combined its traditional screen and roller printing with Epson’s digital printing innovation. After careful research, the Como silk company chose Monna Lisa not only for its high quality but especially for its wide versatility that enables reliable reproduction of many different stylistic variations.

Amongst Monna Lisa’s advantages, Mantero was particularly impressed by the possibility to create both large designs with a wide range of colours and micro designs for ties and accessories where detail is of the utmost importance. An item’s back and front are equally crucial to the accessories market and the fabric colour penetration guaranteed by Epson digital printing is a key element to prevent the image from blurring.

“We print 120,000 metres of fabrics per month. Each Monna Lisa machine produces on average 18,000-25,000 m per month. Six Monna Lisa printers have been installed at Mantero’s Digital Printing Department, which was established five years ago: two Monna Lisa ML in 2014, 1 Monna Lisa EvoTre in 2015, 1 Monna Lisa EvoTre in 2017 and the latest two Monna Lisa EvoTre in 2018.”

The core points of the company’s offer are its Style and Design Department with its approx. 100 employees, and its historic archive. Digital printing, which has become considerably important for Mantero, has provided the company with an excellent means to convey these strengths.

 Developed by Epson in partnership with FratelliRobustelli, Monna Lisa EvoTre 32 combines the high quality demanded by the high fashion sector with the productivity required by the dynamism of today’s fashion industry.

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