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49% Brits put ease and delivery cost on top while shopping online

Germany-based DHL, the global market leader in the logistics industry, recently conducted a survey to understand the preferences of buyer while shopping online.

The survey findings show that 49 percent of Brit consumers claim that ease and cost of delivery are the main deciding factors when shopping fashion online.

The second preference or criteria is, surprisingly, price of the garment as 45.6 percent of the respondents say while 37.4 percent consider the quality of the garment with the ease and cost of returning items at 37.4 percent.

Further, 31.58 percent of Brits stated that delivery speed matters to them the most.

Markedly, the results are from a global study that covered 6,000 women across the UK, the USA, Italy, Australia and Japan.

Interestingly, consumers in Japan, Australia and the USA make most decision on the pricing of the garment, while Italians emphasis on delivery speed.

The survey also mentions that almost one in five UK shoppers care about a brand’s carbon footprint (19.1 percent), and the bio-degradability of garments (19 percent).

Much to the surprise for many, mere one in 40 British shoppers cites celebrity ambassadors as their purchase decisions.

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