RSWM Group Plans to Enter Into Knitting Segment

RSWM Limited that was founded in 1960 began as a small textile mill in Bhilwara has a turnover of around USD1.5 billion the group is into spinning, manufacturing of yarns and fabrics and has a monthly production capacity of 10,000 tonnes of yarn per month + woven fabrics from Denim to suiting and shirting ). With 5,05,000 spindles and 202 looms, the group is known to produce various blends of yarns including cotton, synthetic, corespun, zero-twist, hollow-core, greige, dyed and fancy, melange and eco-friendly, and green yarns.

With 10 state of the art manufacturing plants, 5,05,000 spindles, 10,000 (MT/ annum) Cotton fibre dyeing capacity, 4,000 (MT/annum) Yarn dyeing capacity the group is offering a very wide range of yarns, fabrics and denims. The company offer fabrics dyed with advanced techniques that use less water and chemicals. “To round out our efforts, we treat all our post-process water in our own effluent treatment plant and further purify it via reverse osmosis before returning it to the environment cleaner than before,” informed Kulbhushan, Head Exports, RSWM. Along with this the company also offers premiere collection of shirting and suiting fabrics, that range from high street fashion to industrial wear through its brand Mayur. Formerly known as Mayur Suitings, MAYUR offers classic fabrics in a wide range of fibre blends at an affordable price. These quality fabrics are available for export as well as fine domestic tailoring. Some of the fashion brands, including Kenneth Cole, Marks & Spencer, Perry Ellis, Ann Taylor and H&M are clients for the same. “With advanced technology we have created fabrics and yarns that have properties of being bacterial resistance, moisture control. Also, we utilise nanotechnology which can improve a fabric’s performance,” said Kulbhushan. The company is now planning to expand itself by venturing into the knitting sector.

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