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Update: Eton Systems Sees India as a HUGE Market

Eton Systems GTE 2019

Founded in 1967, Eton Systems offers premium standard of lean and efficient production. At GTE ’19 CEO Jan Molin told Perfect Sourcing, “Our system is to increase production and improve skills of the personnel. We provide for all and every operator, and we follow the motto of constant improvement to make it better.”

Eton Systems is a flexible productivity-boosting concept for the apparel and home textile industries including three main parts: know-how, software and a unit production system (UPS).

“The three parts of our services are customized according to our customers’ need. So it is hard to explain what we do in one line”, said Fredrik Andersson, Area Sales Manager.

Molin further shared, “The services we provide when properly combined together make an outstanding solution for increasing profitability and productivity by 30-100 percent and quality by 40-150 percent.”

The company promises return on investment within 1-3 years.

When commenting on the market, Molin said, “The market has been tough but we are looking for growth in India, which is a huge market undoubtedly. If the labour cost increases, the industry will look for more convenient options and that being the technology. It will be convenient for them to buy our product to increase productivity with lesser people and time.”

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