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LIVE: LOIKO Presents Colour Detecting Button Attachment Technology

LOIKO Global Private Limited, establised to promote LOIKO Barnd special automated sewing machine & attachments in India and overseas, have come up with technology for button attachment with colour sensor at Garment Technology Expo 2019.

At the 4-day apparel technology show in New Delhi, India, LOIKO is exhibiting its colour sensor attached robot mechanism device that is used to feed the buttons to the button clamp on the button sewing machine while automatically detecting the colour of the button side desired.

Notably, the operator does not need to align the holes of button when working on this device.

With its increased feeding speed, the sewing machine head speed can be used upto maximum, which results in higher productivity.

Also, using this device, a beginner can reach double productivity than skilled operators.

The machine can attach 1300-1400 buttons in an hour.

Shivalingappa N.G, Director, LOIKO, shared with Perfect Sourcing: “The response for the product is good. Our product deskills the production entirely. Anybody can operate the machine and get double production.”

Shivalingappa N.G, Director, LOIKO
Shivalingappa N.G, Director, LOIKO

He further said, “We have competition from some Chinese companies but our product is of top quality and even being more expensive than others in the market, we have 90-95 percent market share. The entire production is done in Korea.”

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