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GTE: Onyx Solution’s Brings Vertical Inkjet and Cutting Plotter

Onyx, the principle supplier of Gemini CAD System in India, is exhibiting SMITTE inkjet cutting plotter with drawing and cutting function using the general HP45 type ink at GTE 2019.

Vishal S. Agrawal, CEO, Onyx Solution’s shared, “The machine has an add-on feature that separates it from the other competitors. Along with the regular HP cartridge, there is an additional tank that when filled with extra ink, automatically refills the cartridge.”

Vishal S. Agrawal, CEO, Onyx Solution
Vishal S. Agrawal, CEO, Onyx Solution

The machine uses ink head for abandon type without special maintenance, intelligent electronic spring cutter control system, precise cutting knife fluent, dedicated circuit and motor drive system to ensure the continuous stable operation, large screen LCD, Chinese operating panel any many such additional features.

Vishal further said, “We also have the X19 version of CAD that has many special add on features giving the software an edge over others in the market.”

About the show Vishal expressed, “this is our 4th year in the show and we are having a good experience by now. There are some impacts on the industry currently that is making the buyers holding back their investment.” He further added, “Our business is going good. We have seen a double digit growth in last financial year. We are now focusing on Industry 4.0.”


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