Onyx Solutions to Display HP Ink Technology & GEMINI CAD X17


♦Onyx Solutions to Display HP Ink Technology & GEMINI CAD X17

(Anil Anand, MD, HCA)

Mumbai-based Onyx Solutions will be displaying the HP-88 technology cutting plotter at the Garment Technology Expo. The USP of the plotter is that it can supply continuous ink rather than the usual HP 45 Cartridge system, making it more reliable and economical for draw and cut both. “It is built with a more solid control system then our previous model,” said Vishal, from Onyx Solutions.

Other than this the company will also be promoting the brand new Gemini Pattern Designer X17 that features all options for shape construction and, depending on the user’s preference, free, assisted and parametric methods, or any combined approach. “The New X17 version is the outcome of the company’s 15 years of experience in the field and the continuous innovation invested in the product, to respond to the challenges,” added Vishal. It also features some brand new tool in the market like Style selector & E-commerce and is also a breakthrough for combining apparel CAD with digital printing for the sportswear and other designing industry .

Gemini CAD Systems is working with soft automotive, with focus on computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) applied in the cutting room. Gemini’s advanced technologies automate the manufacturing process from design to cutting for more than 20,000 customers across 38 countries, providing reliable services and technical support throughout all stages.

Gemini Pattern Designer x17 features all options for shape construction, depending on user’s preference i.e free, assisted and parametric methods, or any combined approach. “Gemini CAD was the first to introduce native Bezier curve shape and corner angle control and further developed this geometrical platform by introducing Linked pieces with automatic shape synchronisation, while maintaining the freedom to move, rotate, flip parts on the digital workspace, to preserve the natural feeling of manual pattern development on a working table,” highlighted Vishal. The quality is in details, and to handle such details Gemini Pattern Designer has now 24 types of seam allowance customizable corners, a unique Folds Editor to handle multiple and complex folds with 3D folding visualisation and library. Gemini CAD commits itself to covering the entire manufacturing process.

To complete the workflow in textile and flexible materials manufacturing, Gemini CAD Systems introduced Andura family of CAM equipment, which provides a seamless integration with its CAD applications. The hardware products are available in selected territories, where Gemini CAD System has a well-established distribution and support infrastructure.

“We are looking forward to a great response at the GTE exhibition and our products fulfill all requirements,” averred Vishal.

The company also offers an automatic cutter which can cut up to 11cm compressed fabrics and comes with an auto air cooling system, double gear blade sharpening system and a higher speed of 4,000 RPM. The specialty of the cutter is that is fitted with Japanese Servo Motors and these drivers of the machine are now much more powerful than before.

“Fabrics like checks and plaids can now be handled by our latest solutions from Gemini CAD Systems which can be directly installed on any cutter and with the help of VISION CUT and automatic roll scanner system software, we can handle any complex fabric,” he added.


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