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Changing Trends in Apparel Fashion Drives Demand for Digital Printing

The apparel industry is now moving into a new dimension with increasing demand for digitally printed fabrics and apparels mainly due to fast changing fashion. With the start of era like ‘buy what you see’ the manufacturers are looking for faster delivery of goods. In such a situation, digital printing machines which are capable of creating samples in shortest possible time is the need of hour. Since digital machine requires less workers to operate, water consumption and maintenance the demand is thus increasing not only in India but all over the world. You will read about latest technologies, trends, and intricate details on how to cash on fast fashion with the use of digital printed fabrics and garments.

In this issue, you will also read about latest innovations in yarns, fabrics and accessories which form the major part of apparel industry. Many companies are now working on sustainable fashion and accessories as internationally the demand for such products is very fast. In sustainable fashion segment now many companies are looking for clothing made out of food waste now as every year so much of food is wasted during storage and consumption. A line of designers are now working on fashionable products and yarns made out of waste food.

Deepti Marwah