Tommy Hilfiger rebrands Hilfiger Denim as Tommy Jeans


Tommy Hilfiger rebrands Hilfiger Denim as ‘Tommy Jeans’

November 11 , 2017

Tommy Hilfiger has rebranded its Hilfiger Denim label to ‘Tommy Jeans’. The denim label will transition from Hilfiger Denim starting with the pre-Spring 2018 collection.Hilfiger Denim will be known as ‘Tommy Jeans’ beginning with the pre-Spring 2018 collection - Tommy Jeans The American clothing company already used the Tommy Jeans label within Hilfiger Denim and for a capsule collection with Urban Outfitters in 2016. According to Chief Brand Officer Avery Baker, the transition to Tommy Jeans is a reflection of the company’s commitment to the young millennial and Generation Z consumers.The rebranding also builds on Tommy Hilfiger’s momentum, since its first see-now-buy-now show in 2016. The Tommy Now show featured the debut of the TommyxGigi collection and the company’s focus on past styles from the 90’s and sportswear.Tommy Hilfiger looked to the archives for the pre-Spring 2018 Tommy Jeans collection. The denim label reinvented the brand’s iconic pieces and merged sportswear with preppy influences and the Tommy Hilfiger heritage.