Lee and Wrangler to invest in new dyeing process


♦Lee and Wrangler to invest in new dyeing process

Developed in 2015, the new solution dubbed IndigoZero - was constructed at the Fiber and Biopolymer Research Institute of Texas Tech University, in the United States. It has now been financed by VF Corp-owned denim brands, Lee and Wrangler, and has the backing of the Walmart Manufacturing Innovation Fund. IndigoZero sees companies reduce their overall dyeing costs by minimising the use of chemicals and eliminating the use of water for rinsing. It works by applying the mousse dye directly to the fibre, taking away the need for dye baths.

The process involves the direct application of the mousse to the yarn. Moreover, the IndigoZero system accelerates the product’s development time, reducing time by around 90%. Water consumption is a major factor in terms of sustainability in the denim world right now. Most major labels have worked specifically on reducing or eliminating the use of water in their washing processes. Levi’s, for example, has engaged in the reduction of water consumption in the last eight years. With this new technology working directly with the yarn, the two VF Corp. labels, who have Phil McAdams presiding over the denim division, should be able to drastically reduce their consumption.


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♦Lee and Wrangler to invest in new dyeing process