The Political Relationship Between China And India Has Recently Improved. Do You Think Settlement On The Borders Will Open Bigger Doors For Chinese Products In The Indian Market? Kindly Share Your Views About The Current Sitution.

I believe it's a great initiative by the both the countries to smoothen the rough edges, but in terms of business I don’t really see a great future for Chinese products in India especially with the rise of ‘Make of India’ initiative getting popular day by day. Today most of the people in our country want good quality products and though China offers less expensive products, they still do not have products which have better life and quality. Sooner or later people will stop investing money in products that don’t last for long.


Government has definitely resolved political issues with China but that won’t increase China’s share in the country. Government has increased import duty due to which businessmen are double minded about importing products from other countries. It's a very clever strategy I must say. By doing this, government has not only put a safety valve that would prevent further expansion of China market in India but will also leave businessmen with one ultimate option to buy Make in India products "

•Dashrath Prasad, Hanun Creations

Political settlement doesn't determine the nature of business both the countries will have. Recent laws are clearly not in favour of Indian manufacturers. Our government talks about promoting Make In India and the same government implements 18% GST on products- it is quite ironical. Today, thinking of setting up a factory is a nightmare hence people find it easy to import Chinese products and sell it in the Indian market. So if we really look forward to a better future for industry, Government has to provide the favourable environment for business.

•Gokul Gupta, Birbal International Pvt.Ltd

Better relations between the two countries or not, the market for Chinese products would never fade because the problem in India is deeply rooted and that is the mindset of people. We love buying cheap products compromising quality, and with the fact that we can’t provide quality products due to lack of infrastructure and whatever quality is produced is sent overseas so domestic market is left with no choice but to buy Chinese products.

•Darshan Singh, Movif India Intl, Delhi

Export business in India is suffering tremendously due to new taxation scheme, forget exports; GST has made “Made in India" products costly which is resulting in more demand from less expensive Chinese products.

•Vijay Kumar Sadh , Vijay International, Mumbai

China is always a step ahead of India, they invent technology and we import from them, which keeps them on a higher pedestal as they have better infrastructure and skilled men. These factors will always give them a majestic rule on Indian market."

•Narendra Mohan, Knit World, Ludhiana

It is good to see the political relationship between the countries getting better, I congratulate Modi Government for that but if you ask about business, I would say people love cheap products and it’s a well-known fact that China offers variety in affordable price, rather cheaper than Indian products. Indians will always rush to buy cheap products hence China market will refuse to cease in India."