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♦Jack Unveils New Models at Noida

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Jack India recently organised an extravagant evening in Noida where its customers, mainly from Noida region, were invited for their contribution in supporting and trusting their technology in the last few years. Noida, which houses more than 300 garment units, is becoming a very important cluster adjoining Delhi region. A number of big units like Shahi, Orient Craft, Radiant Exports, Orient Fashion, Meenu Creations, 22 Milestone, Sahu Exports and several others are making world class garments everyday in this cluster.

(One of the Lucky draw winners at Jack Event)

With the support of Noida Apparel Export Cluster headed by Lalit Thukral, the wings and network of Jack is spreading fast. To celebrate the occasion, Jack’s North India team held centre stage with Vishal Sewtech, the authorised agent for ‘JACK SEWING MACHINE CO. LTD.’ "We are providing the best range of direct drive machines with three year warranty. Jack sewing machines prices are very competitive and offer fastest service in this industry," said Vishal Khemka, Owner, Vishal Sewtech. He also said that his company became Jack’s agent around two and half years back and the technology was receiving a very promising response.At the launch Jack felicitated some of its customers like Sahu Exports, Radiant Exports, Basant India, and also conducted lucky draws for its esteemed customers.

The company unveiled their C4 and A5 machines at the event. C4 is a fully automatic over lock machine with voice guide. The voice guide with automatic voice alarm and broadcast solution is easy to operate. It also has three operation models; one is the fully intelligent mode wherein the machine works automatically without the foot; the semi- intelligent mode wherein the machine works with an automatic sensor and automatic presser foot. The machine also has a computerised mode and can work replicating the operator. The highest speed one can attain is 7000 spm.

Established in August 2003 in Taizhou, Zhejiang, China, JACK SEWING MACHINE CO. LTD., has been in the sewing machine industry since 1995.The company has seen an astounding growth since its inception all across the world mainly due to its wide product range, on time services and affordable prices. The company offers spreading machines, automatic cutting machines, lockstitch, overlock, interlock special machines, automatic pocket welting machine and energy-saving motors, all of which are widely applied in apparel, footwear, luggage, furniture, leather, automotive, aerospace and elsewhere.

Jack is investing a lot of time and money on research and innovation and is, not surprisingly, leading in product innovation and quality control. With the mission to provide the best sewing machinery at the optimal cost-performance ratio, JACK is developing machines that can come up with and sustain the ’INTELLIGENT FACTORY’ concept.

Another machine launched was the Semi-dry computerised lockstitch machine, which leaves only 3mm as remaining thread. The machine has reverse feed level; presser foot sensor; auto bobbin winder; speaker; cooling fan hand wheel and USB Port. The machine gives beautiful stitches and does not require cutting of the remaining thread. The remaining thread is short within 3mm and has auto lockstitch that precludes loose stitches.

The carbonado needle bar and thread take up lever is lubricated with solid grease, keeping the fabric clean; the sealing oil pan prevents dust from getting inside helping in achieving better and cleaner lubrication. It also has an automatic alarm and when the oil is less or too much it prevents the machine from getting stuck or leaking oil.

"Our service is 100% and not just after sales service; we do much more to meet customers demands and create more valuable products with voice guided one button reset. The coaxial drive in these machines are Jack’s patents. Its functions are well used and praised," said Bill from the company

(Sahu Exports being felicitated at the Jack ceremony)

(L-R Sudhakar Verma, Director Major Accounts, Bill Chen, Regional Manger of South Asia Department, Vishal Khemka with one of the clients)

(Audience at the ceremony)

Lalit Thukral, President, NAEC

Jack machines are very competitive and we have seen their performance. It is great that to see that they are coming up with latest and high speed technology which is definitely required to increase our output. Also, Jack offers good service and their team is also very cooperative.

Rakesh Chopra, Fashion & Style, Noida

We have been using Jack machines and we are very happy with the performance and ability of the machines. We have recently installed machines at our unit and we are satisfied with the technology and after sales support.

Vishal Khemka, Vishal Sewtech

We became Jack’s agency around two and half years ago. The technology is receiving a very good response because it is excellent; everyone likes and appreciates it.