New Branding Identity for Lectra


♦New Branding Identity for Lectra

Lectra, the technological partner for companies using fabrics and leather, unveils a new branding identity that powerfully demonstrates the digital orientation of Lectra’s strategy, created to support fashion and apparel, automotive and furniture companies to successfully flourish with Industry 4.0 concepts. Designed with the agency ComCorp, Lectra’s new branding universe reflects the company’s continuing evolution and accentuates its role as a trailblazer on the eve of the fourth industrial revolution. The redesigned branding universe strongly evokes innovation inscribed in Lectra’s DNA, and leverages the company’s four values: Caring, Committed, Insightful and Visionary.

The tagline ‘Empowering customers through industrial intelligence’ confirms Lectra’s commitment to provide customers with the means to achieve their ambitions. Constantly alert to industrial trends impacting customers’ sectors, Lectra ceaselessly designs solutions to support customers in the digital age, facilitating their transition towards the industry of tomorrow. “Lectra’s new branding identity is a direct reflection of the company’s evolving strategy, its expertise and rich history,” states Alexis Noal, vice-president, ComCorp.


♦New Branding Identity for Lectra

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