XYXX- Adding New Elements to Men’s Innerwear

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XYXX- Adding New Elements to Men’s Innerwear

(Yogesh Kabra, Founder – XYXX)

XYXX is a premium category of comfortable innerwear aimed at an 18-40 year old male audience, The brand combines comfort, luxury,value, and elegance. The idea behind the brand was to make the first garment choice of the day, a more exciting and fulfilling affair for everyone.

The fabric used for the innerwear is LenzingMicroModal® which is the most premium underwear fabric across the world. It is extracted out of the pulp of beech wood tree in Austria. MicroModal® is 3 times softer than cotton, is feather light, cooler to touch, and upto 50% more moisture absorbent than cotton making it the perfect fabric for India’s weather. MicroModal® is also biodegradable and natural. This means, any clothing made with MicroModal® will return to the earth in one’s lifetime. The waistbands in XYXX innerwear are made using Microfiber yarns, which is very gentle on the skin and leaves no rashes. The current range at XYXX offers products in trunks, briefs, boxers, bikinis, boyshorts, cheeksters, and hipsters for men and women.

Currently selling from their website www.xyxxcrew.com, it is also available on major marketplaces such as Myntra and Amazon. XYXX recently launched its latest collection BEND(IN), which is inspired from the motion of bending and focuses on the bands of the innerwear, which is a refreshing change in the innerwear category.

Yogesh Kabra, Founder – XYXX comes from textile background, he believes quality is at the heart of everything that Yogesh undertakes at XYXX.Yogesh completed his MBA from Hult International Business School, Boston. He specialises in supply chain management and Design Thinking.

“In America for every $ you are willing to pay more, there is a different culture of underwear you could buy. When I say different culture I do not just refer to the brand but the styling, the fabric, the waistband, the entire purpose and the experience. There is a plethora of options for every kind of consumer taste and requirement. I was just not able to accept that in India where we only made underwear for the masses (Black/White/Blue) or one particular taste and literally ZERO fabric choice,” explained Yogesh. He feels that the most important problem with men’s category is that it does not have enough choices at affordable prices. “All the major players in the category are targeting the same customer and offering similar products making it a commodity oriented and mundane segment. We started XYXX to solve such problems and e-commerce is a good opportunity because we could target a larger audience and unlike other apparel you cannot try innerwear even in physical retail,” he added.