Brother International To Display New Era of Digiflex Technology at Gte


♦Brother International To Display New Era of Digiflex Technology at Gte

Brother International will be bringing a wide range of machines to its booth at the upcoming exhibition Garment Technology Expo 2018. Their Digiflex series has received a very positive response from the industry as its technology has proved to be very reliable in enhancing productivity and efficiency. With its pulse motor feeding mechanism, the machine enhances productivity. Apart from this, it has a two-way thread trimmer which reduces the trimming of the remaining thread and also bird’s nests. Its automatic bump sensor helps in providing even stitches. The USP of the machine is its LCD touch panel which improves troubleshooting, operability and production management support.

With the new hook shuttle, the sewing range can be expanded. As far as needle breakage prevention is concerned, it comes in-built within the machine. Digiflex Feed is a direct electronic feed control, meaning that it has an electronic steering feed motion that enables the machines to move in a particular manner.

The Digiflex S7300 Nexio Single Needle Direct Drive Lock Stitcher with DigiFlex Electronic Feeding System and Thread Trimmer was the world’s first lock stitch sewing machine to have adopted the DigiFlex Feed Control directly connected to a stepping motor. This facility was next seen on the S7250A machine.

As per the data shared by company, a factory producing shirts using Digiflex could see an increase of 10 to 14 percent in productivity, a trouser factory a 9- 12 percent increase, jeans factory a 7 to 11 percent increase and a polo T-shirt factory an 8 to 12 percent increase.


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♦Brother International To Display New Era of Digiflex Technology at Gte

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