Asahi Kasei Japanese Yarn Manufacturer Targets “DESGINER WEAR” MARKET

(Hideto Tanimoto, General Manager, Cupro Sales Dept.2, Cupro division, Fiber & Textile SBU, Asahi Kasei Corporation, Japan and Manikant from Bishnu Texports, India)

Asahi Kasei, a Japanese conglomerate which has 10% of their total share in the textile industry, is known in the market for their high quality ‘Yarn’. Established in 1931, the Japanese company comprises of 9 core companies in different fields of operation including Chemicals, Fibres, Home, Construction Material, Microdevices, E-Material, Pharma, Medical and ZOLL Medical. The ROICATM, a product of one of the divisions of the Fibre Company, has an annual turnover of US$1.3 billion. The company has five factories across the world in Japan, China, Taiwan, Germany and Thailand.

Team Perfect Sourcing recently met with Hideto Tanimoto, General Manager, Cupro Sale Dept.2, Cupro Division, Fibre & Textile SBU and Manikant from Bishnu Texports and got an insight into as well as interesting details about the company. During the F&A show, the company showcased their product “Cupro Ammonium” ( Asahi Bemberg ) a traditional South Indian design based garment that is weaved using their yarn.

AsahiKASEI has been in the business for the last 40 years and established themselves as key suppliers of yarn to the fabric manufacturing market. “We buy some part of our raw material from India, produce the yarn in Japan and sell the yarn in Surat, for making fabric,” said Tanimoto.

The ROICATM, a premium stretch fibre with excellent stretch and recovery properties based on AsahiKASEI polymer science, focusses essentially on quality, hence the price of the product is considerably high, when compared to the others. According to Tanimoto, the implementation of 18% GST on Man-made Fibres in textiles is not going to affect the business much. “We experienced a 10% growth in business last year, and are expecting the same in the forthcoming business year as well” said he. The company prides itself on its quality standards and maintains that the USP of the company is providing high quality spandex for a variety of segments. Fabric manufacturers have always been their key clients, but AsahiKASEI’s future plans include targeting the designer market for business expansion. “We expanded in the ethnic wear department last year like sareedupatta, but this year, we want to sell our fabric and yarn to designer labels like Satya Paul and Anita Dongre,” added the General Manager.