Eastman Exports-Always Defiant In Tough Times


♦Eastman Exports-Always Defiant In Tough Times


(N. Chandran receiving award from Textile Minister, Smt Smriti Irani)

Tirupur-based Eastman Exports, a company that started in 1983 with a modest revenue of less than a crore attained Rs.100 cr turnover in the year 2000. Attaining such growth was not easy as it had to operate in the MFA regime which stipulated WTO code-defined quotas on export quantities. Within the same period, the company achieved Quality Management System ISO9002, Environmental Management System ISO14001 and a Status Holder certificate from the Ministry Of Commerce. It also made necessary arrangements to go ahead with vertically integrated manufacturing facilities aiming to consolidate brands/ retailers in the post quota regime and compete in the international market.

“After completing my graduation I started a dye house for knitwear; then, in 1983, we entered the garment manufacturing for the export sector and later developed both forward and backward integration with Spinning, Knitting, Processing and garmenting,” shared N. Chandran, Chairman, Eastman Exports while describing his journey.

The company achieved a turnover of US$250mn in the post quota regime by increasing production capacities in all segments and simultaneously associating itself with reputed international brands. The company’s competence and consistency as a manufacturer was proved by its winning the award for the highest exports in the knitwear segment continuously 19 times.

Eastman has joined the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) and uses the group‚s sustainability measurement tool, “The Higg Index”, to measure sustainability performance, supply chain transparency and decisionmaking ability. These measures are vital to better efficiency and sustainability impact, thereby driving environmental and social responsibility throughout its supply chain.

When asked what their success mantra over the years was, he replied, “My success is due to team work, where each member in my organisation has dedicated responsibilities. Success will not accrue from thin air; it requires lot of ground work, patience, determination in approaching the issues and, of course, perseverance in sustaining the business. I have never been afraid of failures and am always on the lookout to figure out how to convert every semblance of failure into success.”

With continuous growth and expansion, Eastman remains the Top Knit Wear exporter from India for the past 19 years. “We are committed to give end to end service to customers, maintaining sustained market position with sustainable quality products providing customers total satisfaction,” he said.

When asked about expansion plans he said, “Expansion is a continuous process at Eastman. Every year we keep adding capacities in yarn, fabrics, processing and garmenting to cater to various customers across globe.” In addition to the above, their processing unit has also won an award from AEPC. “Environmental Sustainability today is a major goal for us and brands/retailers also wanted these kind of challenges from us to contribute to environment,” pointed out Chandran.

The company now looks forward to a yearly growth of 20% by increasing its customer base, producing innovative products with speed to market and continuous tapping of new technologies.

Speaking about the major turning points in the company’s history, Chandran said, “During 2008/2009, when global markets were going through recession- especially the USEastman Exports was able to achieve growth of 25% and retained the market share of all the Retailers/Brands/Stores in the US and EU.” An excellent product development system managed by an imaginative team of professionals, the company has a creative design team capable of providing design inputs by constantly monitoring worldwide requirements. “At Eastman Exports we produce quality garments that guarantee complete customer satisfaction. We have a very good team of professionals who create the right and high quality product that the customer requires and deliver it at the right time, supported by a good communication and technological system,” informed Chandran.


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