HCA Looks Forward to Bring Value Added Machinery for Garment Industry


♦HCA Looks Forward to Bring Value Added Machinery for Garment Industry

(Anil Anand, MD, HCA)

Having a good set of machines is always an asset for an organisation; however, there are many occasions when even after having the right set of machines, the result does not match up to expectations. In such a scenario, what is urgently needed is the knowledge and expertise of a solution provider. Delhi-based HCA is one such agency. Established in 1910, HCA is is known as the ‘Solution Provider to the sewing industry that brings the latest and the best technology’. The company believes in “Making and Offering Automation which is Affordable ” for all and provides the entire gamut of after-sales support, be it for service, spares, or technology.

Before the upcoming GTE, Anil Anand, MD, HCA discussed the current scenario of the industry and how, despite India having the potential to grow in the apparel sector, it is slowing down. “India has always been an important player in apparel exports and if there was consistency in terms of duties, taxes, currency rates or government policies, the sector would have reached scales beyond imagination,” said a concerned Anand.

HCA has over 10 offices, more than 100 employees and many dealers and re-sellers of machinery around India, catering to garments, leather garments, accessories, upholstery, bedding, shoes, furniture, parachutes, trampolines, etc.

Asked about strategies and plans for the year 2018- 19, he said, “We have to go for value-addition and automation as labour is getting expensive and is also not very easy to manage. Our main strategy is to make automation affordable and reduce payback for investments.” He strongly feels that if automation does not pay back in a maximum of 15 months, then it is of no use. “We have to change ourselves and keep on innovating, updating and adapting to new technology and changes in fact, we should learn from countries like China and Bangladesh as they have grown by adopting all these,” he asserted.

“Today, nobody wants to get into the trade and those who are already into it do not encourage their kin to be part of the industry, which is not a healthy situation,” explains Anand. “We have great entrepreneurs and visionaries like Harish Ahuja, Dinesh Hinduja, Sudhir Dhingra and many others who have contributed a lot to the apparel sector of India. But Government support has always been an issue,” he added. He highlighted that while in other countries like Bangladesh and China, the Government has always stepped whether it was about labour issues, currency fluctuation, FTA’s or duties, in India that scenario is yet to be seen. In technology per se, Anand feels that lack of understanding about industry requirements is a deep-rooted problem. “While a scheme like Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme (TUFS) if offered to upgrade technology, the funds provided are for basic machines,” he mentioned.

HCA hosts more than a dozen brands from all over the world which includes companies like Highlead, Kansai Special, Zoje, Duke, Atlanta USA, Epa, Hams, AMF Reece, Loiva and many others. “The potential of garment industry is underestimated; it is the only industry which is in just 20 days can give employment. A person should just have good eyesight, hand movement and the strength to work for eight hours, and the benefits of this industry can change the lifestyle, economical status and lives of many people of India,” affirmed Anand.

“If the Government wants to see successful policies it should involve key people from that particular sector, make them part of this exercise; and no policy would fail whether for garment, agriculture, or IT,” suggested Anand. HCA wants to offer valueadded machines manufactured by them to reach industry; however, barriers like the mindset of people in adopting technology from the Indian continent, doubting its quality and lack of Government support in making these machines cheaper than imported ones is a big task. A man who exemplifies passion and expertise concludes on a positive note and says, “No matter what the scenario is, we will remain optimistic and hope for a bright future! ”


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