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Brand Ambassador Kangana Ranuat walks the ramp

Apparel major company startled the textile and apparel industry with its latest launch LIVA Crème a new age fabric from the Aditya Birla Group.

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(Rajeev Goenka, MD, GO GO International)

GO GO International Introduces On Time In Full (OTIF) principle

We are trying to reach out to customers in a new way. This new perspective on the company’s operations shall furthermore remedy the relationships with those buyers who have not seen the best of GO GO, who have experienced some of the shortcomings that the OTIF and pricing strategies have sought to overcome,” said Goenka.

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Jharkhand Inviting Apparel Manufacturers to Set Up Base Is the Industry Geared for the Same?

The apparel manufacturing industry in India that has faced a lot of global competition mainly in terms of prices from countries like Vietnam, Bangladesh, China and several others can expect some relief in the ongoing situation if implementation of the policy inked by the State of Jharkhand proves successful. As of now, the policies and subsides being offered to garment manufacturers look very attractive and could well chart a good roadmap for the future of garment exports from India. It would, however, be folly to expect an easy saunter down the garden path as there will be many challenges to be overcome, some of which can be forecast and catered for and others that are as yet imponderables and will pop up out of the blue calling for quick innovative solutions. Only time will show the extent to which the vision and dream of that state government bears fruition.



GST is soon going to be implemented; as a garment manufacturer what do you expect out of GST? Do you think this will progress to the economy and business? As a company what do you expect after implementation of GST? What impact will it have on garment export industry? Do you think that expenses will go up or things will be in better control? Could you kindly share your views?