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You must be thinking why I have used such a title. My answer to this implicit query is that 'demand and supply ' is the most underrated subject within our industry, as for many years, demand has not met supply. Be it fabrics required to make innovative garments, cotton supply, skilled workers, schemes for betterment of business and their implementation, institutes that can fulfill the ever increasing quest for good talent and expertise, all remain a huge demand for the Indian apparel industry.



The concept of fast fashion is accelerating rapidly these days, because of which retail chains all over the world are expanding operations. This in turn has put a lot of pressure on companies to come up with new products in a fashionable and innovative product range in a rather tight span of time. Does such a scenario pitch pressure on your design and research team to come up with innovations very often? Do you think this is a good factor for business or should the pace of fashion be modified so that every collection gets its share of prominence and popularity?